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Titanic Shipwreck Photographic Series

  • In the course of this ten-part Titanic Photometric Series, we have explored the entire length of the Titanic from bow to stern giving you selected highlights of this beautiful shipwreck. To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this home page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. Many thanks for taking this exciting adventure with Nautical Research Group and making this web log the most viewed shipwreck informational blog on the Internet.

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May 22, 2005


Tim Cashman

The full history of RMS Niagara can be found in Kieth Gordons book "Deep Water Gold" available from

Bill Bishop

I have been fascinated about the story of RMS Niagara since purchasing three menus at a flea market. All were, and are in good condition. They date from Jan. 21st 1928. The meals listed provide a small insight into the international travelling of the period.

Mal Walter

One of the crew members on the salvage operation, Arthur Bryant, was our neighbour at Timboon in the west of Victoria, Australia. We worked together making hay and on other farming tasks and Arthur would tell of his extraordinary experiences. He distinguished himself on 19th February 1942 when he rescued a number of sailors from burning oil on Darwin harbour while the first Japanese air raid was in progress, an act of heroism for which he received no decoration. That story, and the Niagara saga, are well told in Capt Sir J P Williams' book, 'So Ends This Day'.

Noel Keyes

Does anyone have a crew list for RMS Niagara, I am looking for a Cedric Jacentho Hayden who I am told was part of the crew when she (the Niagara) went down, Thanks.


Hi I am trying to find out as much as I can about my Grandfather James Scally who was a crew member of the Niagara when it sunk. If anyone has crew material they can share that would be great My name is Simon & my email is [email protected] thank you


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Peter Tesoriero

My mother was born in Oswego NY in 1912. Her parents were Italians from the Aeolian islands who had arrived in the USA as children. They had met and were married in Amsterdam in upper NY state. They migrated together with other Aeolian relations from Oswego to Australia in 1913 by crossing the continent on the CPR to Vancouver and then embarking on the maiden voyage of the British passenger ship Niagara which was to sail regularly to Sydney via Auckland until she hit the mine and sank off New Zealand during World War II. She (the ship, not my mother, lol) was carrying a fortune in gold bullion.

Jude Taggart Roberts

I am working on a series of drawings, with imagery from the story of the team that salvaged the gold from the Niagara in 1941.My grandfather, Captain james Herd was the salvage officer on board the Claymore. In our family collection we have a piece of the bullion room door and a small piece of gold (scrappings on the floor of the Claymore) from the Salvage operation.

Tim Pollock

I have acquired a luncheon menu from the R.M.S, Niagara dated Sept.14 1918. It is in good condition. Anyone interested in it, can contact me to discuss it's value to them. Tim

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