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Titanic Shipwreck Photographic Series

  • In the course of this ten-part Titanic Photometric Series, we have explored the entire length of the Titanic from bow to stern giving you selected highlights of this beautiful shipwreck. To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this home page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. Many thanks for taking this exciting adventure with Nautical Research Group and making this web log the most viewed shipwreck informational blog on the Internet.

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December 14, 2005


Rhiannon MacKenzie

i am studying the sinking of the h.m.s titanic and i have discovered that the titanic and the bermuda triangle are both i the atlantic ocean and i was wondering if the sinking of the titanic was not only man errors but if the sinking had a connection with the bermuda triangle. i know it sounds crazy but what if the bermuda triangle streches out even further. i was also wondreing if the myth that a young gentleman had written about a luxurious steamship by the name of titan and in his story he describes the events in great detail and all the events he describes are what happens exactly happened to the titanic and i also heard that this man was on the titanic and was never to be seen again. i was also wondering if i could get your opinion on why the titanic went down and who you think is to blame. i know it hit an ice berg but there are more reasons behind it. thankyou.

from rhiannon

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