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Titanic Shipwreck Photographic Series

  • In the course of this ten-part Titanic Photometric Series, we have explored the entire length of the Titanic from bow to stern giving you selected highlights of this beautiful shipwreck. To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this home page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. Many thanks for taking this exciting adventure with Nautical Research Group and making this web log the most viewed shipwreck informational blog on the Internet.

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December 26, 2005


Jacob Stevens

Hello Mr. Bright,

I have one question. About the Empress of Ireland: is it true that there are still skeletons to be seen down in the wreck? From what I understand you have been to the wreck and I imagine you would know if you saw any skeletal remains.


David Bright

Hello Jacob,
The Empress of Ireland rolled over rapidly after the Norwegian collier, Storstad, became dislodged from its midship. It took only fourteen short minutes for the Empress to sink following the Storstad's initial collision. Because of this short time period, it is believed that as many as eight hundred people are entombed within the ship. Therefore, the Empress is treated with much respect and dignity whenever we visit her.
I have dove the wreck site of the Empress over one hundred and ten times since 1987 and have had the opportunity to be the first to visit some of the areas deep within the ship. Because of my many explorations, I have come across the remains of passengers and crew; especially in the areas around the living accomodations. In Kevin McMurray's book about diving expeditions to the Empress of Ireland entitled Dark Descent, I describe one particular encounter while exploring some of the deep inner compartments that totally humbled me. The Empress is a shrine and gravesite that I treat with the utmost reverence!

Jacob Stevens

Mr. Bright,

That is quite sad. So many lives lost. I can imagine why you would treat it with the utmost respect. I would also.

Thank you,

Phyllis Dale

The 5 Avengers that were found off Ft Lauderdale - have these been identified as a different training flight? Is there a record of that flight's disappearance? There seemed to be an element of surprise that this discovery was not Flight 19 - why wouldn't the Navy have been looking for this second 5 planes as aggresively as Flight 19?

David Bright

Hello Phyllis,
Thank you for writing and your insightful question. The five Avengers found by Graham Hawkes in the early 1990's were indeed all from different training flights and were reported missing at different time periods. I can not tell you exactly what the Navy's response to each of these missing Avengers was during the time that they were reported missing. The best informational resource that can potentially answer your question would be the archives of the Naval Historical Center in Washington, D.C. Each individual Avenger's accident report and other related documentation are archived at this facility which is part of the Washington Navy Yard (by the way, if you go there, make sure you see the bathyscaphe Trieste that holds the world record for the deepest dive to the Mariana Trench with aquanauts Jacques Picard and Don Walsh). The biggest mystery of this discovery is how each of the five Avengers from different training flights and time periods could end up in the same relative area of each other and yet not be found. Unfortunately, I believe that it is pure coincidence; however this discovery will certainly qualify as an "Unsolved Mystery".
Many thanks!
David A. Bright


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