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Titanic Shipwreck Photographic Series

  • In the course of this ten-part Titanic Photometric Series, we have explored the entire length of the Titanic from bow to stern giving you selected highlights of this beautiful shipwreck. To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this home page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. Many thanks for taking this exciting adventure with Nautical Research Group and making this web log the most viewed shipwreck informational blog on the Internet.

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January 17, 2006


Pedro Caleja

Tx for helping understand what happen that fatidic day.

Pietro Francesco Maviglia

you may see how much i am interested in the andrea doria if you go anthony grillo' s survivors' website at: and look under "projects" for my name and story, for it is a bit long for this space. i am glad of the conclusion you have come to and i have personally communicated with captain meurn whereupon he sent me written proof for his conclusions. too late for piero calamai, but better late than never.

David Bright

Hello Pietro,
I am very familiar with your beautiful Andrea Doria model that was displayed on the Andrea Doria Survivor website. Andrea Doria survivor Anthony Grillo was a very good friend and showed me the article when he first published it to his site. What you might like to know is that I have the original Ansaldo builders model of the Andrea Doria that was made in the early 1950's for the Italian Line and is in pristine condition. Furthermore, my corporation, Nautical Research Group, is the financial support for the entire web site. Please come back to this Shipwreck web log often throughout the year for new information regarding the Andrea Doria.
David Bright

Clay Self

Hi Is this the same Pietro Maviglia who is a Forest Rangers tv show fan and from Canada? If so there is going to be another reunion. check out my website


i want to downlodes titanic sim for free


Dear Mr. Bright,
My name is Ryan Wade, and I noticed in one of the articles on the, the discussion of Pietro Maviglia and his model that he made based on the Andrea Doria original plans. However, I have been unable to contact the people on that website. And I was interested if you could contact him to find out if he would be willing to make a copy of those plans for me. The reason why I am making this request is that I am curious and interested in seeing the original plans and I have always been interested in ocean liners. Have a nice day, and I hope for a prompt and favorable reply on this matter.
Ryan Wade

air jordan

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air yeezy

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Jeff Deutschle


I went to sea for 24 years, as QM1 in the USCG and eventually as a Master Mariner in the USMM. If the Stockholm’s radar’s range had been set to the 5 instead of the 15 mile scale, the CPA would have been interpreted as much LARGER than it actually was. There would have been no reason for Carstens to turn further right to increase the distance they would pass, if the distance had been a safe one. But the distance was not a safe one! He recognized this, but Calamai did not!

Regardless of the range setting on the Stockholm’s radar, or the steadiness of the heading or yada yada yada the cause of the collision was the two vessels approached each other too closely. Let me say it again: THE CAUSE OF THE COLLISION IS THEY APPROACHED EACH OTHER TOO CLOSELY.

Now why did they pass each other too closely? Because Calamai chose a starboard to starboard passage with a vessel that he was in a nearly head to head situation with. This was imprudent seamanship of the most basic kind. Carstens did make a mistake. It was to assume that other vessels would act prudently. I bet he never made that mistake again!

Captain Jeffery S. Deutschle

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