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Titanic Shipwreck Photographic Series

  • In the course of this ten-part Titanic Photometric Series, we have explored the entire length of the Titanic from bow to stern giving you selected highlights of this beautiful shipwreck. To access these new photographs, as well as other Titanic photographs, scientific research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation go to our corporate website at and within the text of this home page select the link entitled Educational Services. This will bring you to our educational page where all this valuable information can be viewed and downloaded for personal use only. Many thanks for taking this exciting adventure with Nautical Research Group and making this web log the most viewed shipwreck informational blog on the Internet.

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February 06, 2006



Mr. Bright,

A book just came out by the name of "The Last Shot" by Lynn Schooler. It is about a Confederate gunship sent to disrupt whaling expeditions in New England and elsewhere during the American Civil War. I was wondering if you have heard about it and if you have read it, your thoughts on it?


David Bright

Hello Jacob,
It is good to hear from you again. I have heard that this book, "The Last Shot", is a very good read. I have placed this book on order from Amazon and will check it out for myself. Normally, I use my diving expeditions to get myself caught up with all the wonderful books that have been printed throughout the year. I am currently down in Florida diving the caves and have been trying out the audiobook collection that I received over Christmas. My first audiobook was "Dark Descent" by Kevin McMurray and I played it during a long drive back and forth to the United States Merchant Marine Academy in early December. Since my dives to the Empress of Ireland are profiled in Kevin's book, it was funny to hear the narrator use my name so often. I found this a wonderful and fun way to "read" a book. Currently, I am listening to two audiobooks on the Titanic which include the classic "A Night to Remember" by Walter Lord. I have known Walter for about fifteen years until he passed away. I have read his book numerous times but haven't picked it up in about a decade. What is fascinating about this audiobook is the description of the passengers and crew on Titanic and where they were on the ship at any given time. Being on the Titanic about 6 months ago, it is a great way to let the mind wander and the drive time go quickly.
Thank you for the book recommendation!

David Bright


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